People wrote a huge number of scenarios for films about the end of the world. Scary pictures where a meteorite falls on the Earth, the planet freezes completely or an atomic war occurs.

There are various theories about the takeover of the world by robots or aliens, as well as about the zombie apocalypse. It would seem that it could be even worse?

How about the fact that one day there will be a previously unknown virus? He will be so strong and cruel that he will not succumb to any methods of his treatment and, as a result, will wipe out all people from the face of the Earth.

What if you are the developer?

The creators of the world famous app Plague Inc have released new updates. The game features bright, realistic graphics, multiplayer mode and, most importantly, the feeling that the whole world is in your hands.

Plague Inc. Unblocked will give you the ability to create your own infection in order to destroy all life on our planet. You will have real countries at your disposal and only you will decide from where in the world to start infecting innocent people. Your goal to infect as many people as possible before doctors come up with an antidote for your disease.

Before starting the game, give your virus a name, choose the symptoms for it and decide on the genes. You can also choose in what way your disease can be transmitted from person to person. Transmission can be via insects, animals, water and air. Each region has its own characteristics that affect its transmission. After that, on a convenient and simple map, select the country from which you want to start the infection.

Immediately after you make your decision, you will have your first patient. For every person who carries your infection or who died from it, you will receive DNA points. Also, you can get them every time a disease enters a new country. With their help, you can improve your virus.

Each quality developed increases the value of the next. Make sure to invest wisely before spending your funds, as you never know what the turn of events will be this time.

It’s not as easy as it might seem

People are not going to give up to you just like that. Every minute they will look for what the problem is, after once again they notice an outbreak of massive strange symptoms. As soon as they understand what is happening, they will instantly close all borders, cut off all transport links and will search for a vaccine against your virus.

In this case, you will practically not have the opportunity to infect islands, for example, Greenland. Therefore, you will always need to think ahead. And obviously no one is going to stay calm when the whole world talks about zombies.

The authorities will urgently send military establishment and robots for security purposes. You will need a lot of strength and patience in order to enjoy a world where there will not be a single soul.

Play the new version of Plague Inc if you are ready for such a challenge.