The Plague Inc. PC

All Plague Inc. fans have been waiting for about two years to see their favorite game not only on their phone, but also on their computer. One of the best strategy apps of 2012 is now available on your PC. The Plague Inc. PC includes original and new features, multiplayer mode and vibrant, believable graphics.

Do you want to feel the power over the world?

In the game you have the whole planet in your hands and you have the ability to kill all people on it. You will need to come up with your own virus, with which you will kill all of humanity. You will take on the role of an insane doctor who invented something scary in his laboratory.

You will need to choose the symptoms for your infection and also come up with a name for it. Your main task is to ensure that the disease adapts to your chosen conditions and can kill as many people as possible.

What’s new in the computer version of the game?

The app has 7 difficulty types: bacteria are the most common type of disease; a virus is a disease that is difficult to control; fungus – it is carried over long distances by people who are infected; a parasite is a malignant form of existence that can change a person’s DNA; prion – a pathogen that slowly progresses in the brain of the patient; Nano-virus – micro machines that spread the virus; bioweapon – a pathogen that can kill everything that comes in its way.

In order to gain access to all types of disease, you need to complete the levels with maximum difficulty, or you can simply buy them. For passing levels, you can get elements of the gene code.

Also, the computer version of Plague Inc. has different scenario modes. You can play as a disease or virus indicated in it, but under specific conditions. There are 18 stories in total, for example: “global warming”, “mirror Earth”, “golden age” and many others.

Open the app faster and read the full description for all stories. There is also a script editor where you can create your own disease, how the virus is transmitted, and much more. In addition, you have the opportunity to be in scenarios that were invented by other players.

The developers have also added a new mode. Now you can be on the same team with other players, helping each other to destroy humanity, or compete who will do it faster. But remember that in the game, the main thing is not speed and victory, but the ability to think correctly and intelligently.

As soon as you open Plague Inc. on your computer, a fight begins for you – you are against the whole world! Make the whole planet know about you and your virus!