Plague Inc.

We live in the 21st century. It would seem that medicine is constantly evolving, doctors find vaccines for terrible or even fatal diseases almost every day. It seems that no one and nothing can prevent us all from living happily.

And what if one day we wake up and hear news on TV or read in the newspaper that complete chaos has happened in the world – a new deadly virus has been found in some country, to which doctors have not yet found an approach.

What if this virus spread because of you? What if it was you who came up with a new deadly disease that will claim the lives of millions, and possibly all people in the world? Do you want to feel like a crazy genius who created a terrible virus will not spare anyone and for which there is no cure yet? Plague Inc. game is made for just that! Play if you want to know what it is like when the whole world is in your hands!

Goal of the game

Your goal in the in a game Plague Inc. is to infect and destroy all people in the world, developing a dangerous and deadly disease, as well as spreading it to all cities and countries around the world.

How to destroy humanity?

In order to start killing all homo sapiens, you will need to select any country on a simple and convenient map in your laboratory. As soon as you have made your choice and pressed your chosen territory, an irreversible process begins at the same second. You have the first infected, in other words, patient zero. Now he is the carrier of your virus and the rest of the people in his state will be infected from him.

Each country or region has its own specific parameters that affect the transmission of the bacteria of your virus. What is the climate, are there airports or sea harbors, the level of urbanization and the well-being of citizens? All these parameters need to be taken into account, understanding which aspects of the disease should be most focused on.

You can also choose exactly how your virus can be transmitted from one person to another. Transmission of infection can be possible through water, air, animals, insects, and also in other ways. But here it should be borne in mind that insects are most often found in areas where high temperatures are present.

Agricultural areas are suitable if you choose to transmit the virus through animals. If you see that the area is poor, then you should choose to spread the disease to people through blood. You can choose whatever symptoms the charged people experience. From time to time, the signs of infection will mutate, either on their own or with your help.

Until the end of the game, coughing, runny nose or insomnia will turn into scary medical terms that will be indicated in the pathological examination. Learn in Plague Inc. what the skills of deadly bacteria are and how to give zombies a herd instinct.

Play Plague Inc. game and you will be able to find out what the phrase “the whole world is in your hands” means, and in this app you will also have the opportunity to erase all of humanity from the face of the Earth. The game will be of great interest to both adults and children. And also teach that you always need to monitor your health and wash your hands thoroughly!