Plague Inc. is a game that can be seen on every phone. It was nominated for Best Strategic app of 2012. A strategy simulator with realistic graphics, a gaming masterpiece now available on Steam. Now you can play your favorite app on the big screen – what could be better?

You are alone against 7 billion people

You play as the main character, an insane genius who invented a new virus and is trying to destroy all of humanity with its help.

Goal of the game

In Plague Inc., you need to develop a very dangerous disease, as well as spread it across all countries and cities of the world. In your laboratory, on a convenient and simple map, you can select the territory from which you want to start infection with your terrible virus. At the same second, the infection reaches patient zero and a process begins, which will already be difficult to prevent.

For each infected or dead person, you will receive DNA points, for which you can improve your virus and take it to a new level. You can constantly add symptoms to it, the main thing is to do it so that people do not immediately understand that they are sick.

All symptoms begin as ordinary manifestations of a mild form of the disease, after a while they begin to mutate and thus force people to look for a solution to this problem. Hurry to infect everyone!

The updated version of the game has 10 types of diseases, 20 unique scenarios, a realistic world, competition, co-op, disease statistics and much more.

Play Plague Inc. and train your logical thinking, because how long you will last in the game depends only on you!