Popular strategy game Plague Inc with colorful graphics and realistic world view.

How to create a powerful virus that cannot be defeated?

You will be in the role of an evil genius or a scientist who will create a dangerous infection and, with its help, will try to destroy all of humanity.

Before starting the game, you have to choose what symptoms, genes and methods of transmission your disease will have (transmission can be carried out through water, air, insects or animals), and also give it a name. After that, you will be given a choice from which country to start the infection.

Choose anywhere in the world and start infecting people, but do not forget about the characteristic of each country. At first, your virus will be very weak and you will need DNA points to improve its performance.

You can get points for people who have just been infected and who have already died. It is necessary to constantly monitor the news of the gameplay, since strong states react much faster than ordinary ones to the appearance of a new unknown infection and begin to create a vaccine. You will win only after the last person on the planet dies.

The game has three difficulty levels, as well as a large number of scenarios, with which it will be much more interesting.

Do you want to create your own storyline?

In the game you can create your own scenario using the mod (they can have an impact on the capabilities of the main character, add new objects and much more). If you have a well-developed imagination and a lot of ideas – get creative!

You can create a plot where you need to infect all the hamsters in the world, send all insects to the moon, find Atlantis or Lemuria. Or maybe you want to host alien guests? Or maybe something zombie related? Or what if you come up with a secret mission to save all the cows from milking?

Created scripts will appear in the Plague Inc Mod section. You can share them with your friends or with other players around the world, and you can also play according to other people’s scenarios. Create your own storyline in the game using the mod!