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Plague Inc is a game that has conquered the whole world. This is one of the best strategies in the genre of biological and strategic simulator with a unique storyline, beautiful and real graphics.

Your goal in the Plague Inc game is to kill all humanity on Earth

In your laboratory, as a mad genius, you will create a deadly infection with your own hands. You will be able to choose it symptoms, genes, ways of transmission, and even give her an original name that will give people goosebumps every time they hear it. On the world map, you can select any country from which you want to start infection.

Do not forget about the climate – the virus can take root badly in cold or, on the contrary, hot areas. Check if there are airports or seaports there. The best solution is to start the infection from the islands. After you decide on the region, you will have the first infected one, he will begin to transmit your virus to other people.

You need to constantly develop your disease. DNA points will help to do this. You will receive them for every person who is infected and for everyone who died. Do your best to make people think for as long as possible that they have the usual symptoms of SARS. Do not forget to follow the news in the game.

As soon as people notice your virus, they will immediately begin to create a vaccine. You must stop them from doing this! If you let them know about your plans, they will instantly close all borders, stop all transportation, begin to be more careful about hygiene and perhaps even isolate themselves from other people.

Try to deceive all doctors in the world and carry out your plan! You will like the feeling when the last person on the planet dies at your hands!

The game is fraught with many possibilities. Plague Inc was created for people who know how to calculate their every step and think ahead. Play and show everyone what you are capable of! Remember, this is not as easy as it sounds.