Fake News

The creators of the popular game Plague Inc, where you play as an evil genius who created a virus and wants to kill the whole world with it, in collaboration with professional organizations, have presented a new scenario called Fake News. This time you will not infect the planet and get rid of all of humanity.

In the new update, players will be able to shape their own news, which turns out to be false and in this way they will mislead the whole world, which will mean that they have won. They will have to use techniques and modern media.

We live in a world where lies and fictional things are no worse than a virus. Terrifying conspiracy theories, insults to public figures… Such manipulative content is created to harm a specific person, organization or country.

Description of the new scenario

You will need to spread a rumor all over the planet about some false information. It can be news about science, medicine, climate, technology, finance, celebrities, corporations, laws, politics, culture, history, immigration. After you choose what you want to lie about, you will need to decide through which source you learned about it.

Next, choose a motive, that is, for what purpose you will lie. The next step is to choose the culprits. Who do you think is to blame for the situation you have come up with? And of course, you need to choose how your lie will be transmitted. Possible transmission options: television, printed leaflets, internet, newspapers. You can also hire famous personalities whose words will lend credence to your misinformation.

The main goal of the creators of the game in the new scenario

The creators Plague Inc wanted to show with the new update of the game that the spread of disinformation is a very big threat to the modern world and with it by all possible methods. The media kill their credibility every day. Ordinary people say things that they know practically nothing about. Some individuals engage in self-deception.

A new storyline made with the support of charitable organizations. We need to stop spreading false information. All people should only tell the truth!

Hurry up to play with the new scenario in the Plague Inc game! Try to fool the world!