Plague Inc.: Evolved

The game Plague Inc. has already infected more than 120 million players via mobile phones. Now this masterpiece is available on your computers. The developers have added significant new features to the gameplay. You may notice that in the app have been added 20 unique scenarios, improved graphics, disease statistics and much more.

Let’s remember what this game is about?

This is a simulator in which you will control a virus. Your task is not to save humanity, but rather to destroy it. You can choose any of the diseases offered to you. Start growing, improving and developing it. In a convenient and understandable map, you can select the country from which you want to start the infection.

A little advice – it is better to start with the islands, for example, from Madagascar, Greenland or the Caribbean islands, so it will be more likely that you will be able to wipe all people off the face of the Earth. As soon as you decide on the territory, you will receive the first infected and an irreversible process will take place. It is not worth making pronounced symptoms for your virus.

Your goal is that people do not even suspect that they are sick for as long as possible, then you have a chance to infect as many people as possible. In any case, sooner or later they will find out about your infection and start coming up with cures. You need to do everything you can to prevent them from finding it. For a new infected person or for his death, you will receive DNA points.

You will need them to make your virus more resistant to what doctors will come up with in order to defeat it. The disease has evolved! Play online the updated version of the game in your computer! Check how far you can go!