Plague Inc is a simulator that is a realistic model of the spread of viruses.


You play as the main character who created his own infection. On the map, you choose the territory from which you want to start infecting the whole world. As soon as you choose a country, the virus will begin its journey.

Your disease has infected patient zero, and now your task is to destroy all other people in the world.

When another person becomes infected or dies, you get DNA points. With the help of them, you can develop your abilities and the level of illness. First of all, you need to find a strategy so that your virus covers all corners of the world as quickly as possible.

The main thing to remember that as soon as the infection begins to progress, people will immediately begin to invent a vaccine against the virus and come up with a new protection.

There are also various cheats in the game that will make the passage of such a challenge even more interesting. Let’s take them apart.

Plague Inc Cheats

1. Named strain. This name implies that there will be a cheating disease. People won’t have a chance to cure it.

2. Unlimited strain. It also means that this is a cheating disease. You will receive unlimited DNA points.

3. Modified strain. There is a constant evolution of variability. All directions of development will be mixed.

4. 2x strain. In this case, you can select two countries at the same time to start the game.

5. Latent strain. The authorities will not respond to your illness.

6. Turbo strain At the start of the game, your chosen country will already be completely infected.

7. A risky strain. Unexpected developments await you. There will be five random changes at the start of the game.