Plague Inc is a game in which you have to create a dangerous and deadly virus in order to clear the planet of people.

Do you want to infect all people with your virus?

Before starting the game, you have to choose which one your infection will be. Choose it symptoms, genes, modes of transmission and give it a name. You will have a world map at your disposal, where you can select any of the proposed countries, from which you want to start infection.

As soon as the first sick person appears, there is no turning back. You should constantly improve your disease by spending DNA points on it. You can get them for infected people and people who have already died. As soon as humanity finds out about your virus, it will immediately close all borders, stop transportation and self-isolate.

The best doctors will work to develop a vaccine against your disease. You must do everything to ensure that they do not succeed! You will win only when the last person on Earth dies.

Gorgeous graphics and a realistic picture of the world on a mobile phone are no worse than on a computer. The game for Android is considered insanely addicting, despite the fact that your main goal to kill all life in the world.

You will have access to 12 viruses, more than 50 countries, many interesting scenarios, the ability to save your result anywhere and a standing where you can see your results and the results of other players.

Try to infect every corner of our planet! In this game you can feel the power over the whole world. You will have to think carefully about your strategy plan and think ahead every second.