The popular game Plague Inc. captured phones and computers by a huge number of people. Everybody loved this strategic simulator with realistic graphics.

Try to infect the whole world

In this game, the whole planet is in your hands. All people’s lives depend on your actions. You will take on the role of a mad scientist who will create his own virus, which humanity does not yet know about. You will have to develop your disease, for this you will need DNA points.

You can get them for each infected or deceased person. From simple signs of a cold to symptoms that doctors don’t know what to do, these are the qualities you can reward your infection with. For limited amount of time you have to infect as many people in the world as possible before a vaccine is found.

During the passage of this challenge, you will become available to different, new types of disease, such as: parasite, fungus, prion or even Nano-virus. From the last type, you can take over the human mind and win in a completely different way. And by the way, here you can arrange a zombie apocalypse. It sounds good, doesn’t it?

Everyone wants to make their virus super murderous and violent. So that it is adaptable to any climate and does not react to any means of preventing it. But how can this be done if DNA points are always lacking?

Plague Inc Hacks

The hacked version of the game will allow you to have infinite DNA points, access to all kinds of diseases and genes. And also you will get full access to all paid content (unfortunately, it does not apply to custom scripts). With this app option, you will have access to all the features that were created by the developers. And also, while you play, you will never see ads. What could be better?