Plague Inc Game Online Play for Free

Plague Inc. game will give you power over the whole world! Do you want to be an insane genius whose goal is to destroy every living organism? Do you want to manage your virus and make all countries and cities know about it? Do you want to control people’s lives? Try to complete this game!

Plague Inc. game is a biological and strategic simulation

You will play as a character whose goal to infect and destroy all people in the world, developing a dangerous and deadly illness, as well as spreading it to all cities and countries around the world. You can choose any country from where you want to start infection with your mysterious and deadly virus. In a moment, the virus will get to the zero patient and there is no way back – the merciless mechanism is ready and launched into battle.

It would seem that inventing a disease and killing all people – what’s so hard about that?

But things are not as simple as you think. You will have a limited time in the game for all this and you should try as hard as possible to have time to infect all homo sapiens before they come up with a cure for your virus. In any case, scientists will notice a new progressive disease.

In order to delay the inevitable, you have to spend DNA points (you can get them for successfully spreading your illness). With DNA points, you can form mild, severe or fatal manifestations of the disease. Also, the virus can mutate itself. It can have any new sign of infection, and you don’t even have to spend your DNA points on it. If you have previously selected certain symptoms, then the virus will be able to acquire a new ability itself.

In fact, the best solution in the game is not to rush, to immediately destroy all living things. First, you need to quietly infect as many people as possible in order for the virus to spread properly. Each country or region has its own specific parameters that affect the transmission of the bacteria of your virus.

What is the climate, whether there are airports or sea harbors, the level of urbanization and the well-being of citizens? All parameters must be taken into account, understanding at which points of the disease most need to be taken into account. In the last minutes of the game, you are given the opportunity to watch as the whole world you have captured completely disappears.

Initially, this game was available for installation only on phones and tablets, but in 2014 a PC version was released.

Plague Inc. is a game where you rule the world. Your every step decides the fate of all people. Let’s start? Play online and enjoy it!